Painters in Coventry

I have really loved getting back into Painting this year, and have been amazed to discover how many people in Coventry are picking up their brushed and creating beautiful and skilful pieces of art. Here are a selection of my favourites!

First up is Polly Merredew.

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Polly’s Facebook

Suki’s Stones

Suki’s Facebook page

Caroline Hackett

A bit about me and my painting;

I have been painting for along time. My grand parents love watercolours, and bought me a lovely set when I was quite young. although I don’t have any of my watercolours any more, my parents still have a couple. I moved on the acrylics and oils when I was in secondary school, and when I started suffering from mental health problems, it was painting that kept me going through the pain and insomnia, and kept my mind occupied when nothing else would slow my mind down. I love Impressionism, and modern art, as well as photo realism and manga. Although I’m not patient enough fro photorealism (like Chuck Close ) , his later stuff is much more pointillist, and both types of his work influence me.

Painting By Chuck Close

I was really luck that my parents were also really keen on art, and took me to brilliant art destinations such as Giverney (where Monet lived and painted the WaterLillies series), Venice, New York to the Museum of Modern Art, and Paris to The Louvre and Musee dor Orsey to name a few!

Painting Of Giverney bu Claude Monet
Van Gogh and Money inspire bottle lights (BY Me)

I did really well at Art at school, and although I planned to go on with it, my health when I was 16/17 meant that I left ALevels after a year, and this was before AS levels were introduced. I then went on a BTEC in performing arts, where I could be creative in other ways.

I now take a lot of inspiration from popular culture, such as Harry Potter, Disney films, Studio Ghibli. I love to paint on canvas, but have recently been concentraiting on reclaimed items such as bottles and vinyl records.

Thestral /Death is but the next great Adventure

Jack’s Lement

Coventry elephant

But I much prefer working on a large scale. A normal painting would take me months to complete, as I love working with texture and building up layers. I have only downscaled my ideas to make them more affordable and easier to transport to fairs!

But here are a few of my big paintings from the last year:

Luna and herself
FarGo Village
The Lion and the lamb

Hope you like the featured artists, and my own work, Which is your favourite piece, and who is your favourite painter?

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  1. You, Jack Skellington on the Vinyl record won me over x

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