Wear your Heart on you lapel; pt 2

Earlier this year I wrote a blog about the awesome jewellery makers giving us anti-Brexit wearables! With the ever more disgusting behaviour of the UK government, it seems only right to showcase some more ways you can share yours anger on a daily basis.

First up is Hello Crumpet

She has said that she is going to make a “fuck Boris” version, once she has decided on the colours! I’m hoping to get a version that has appropriately placed stars so I can wear it on the school run! This is 20euros as Hello Crumpet is based in the Netherlands, which seems fitting!

Also found on instagram is this necklace and earring set by @sugar_and_vice. These bold earrings are rather fun, and available for £16 on Depop, where as the necklace is £15.

If you prefer an more subtle European support statement, so simply one that isn’t sweaty, head to Tatty Divine, where you can find these classy pieces! This collection starts from £25.

If you want to see the last blog on the subject, check it out here.

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