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Last year, Birmingham saw its first Zero waste supermarket, The Clean Kilo open in the Custard Factory in Digbeth. It has been successful, but for me it was just to far to regularly travel to. So when I heard that others had had the frustration, and set up a mobile version in Coventry and Warwickshire, I was beyond excited! Zero store is the brainchild of two wonderful women, Charlie and Marisa.

Zero was born from the two teachers passion for all things eco-friendly and reusable. Their pop-up shop has it’s own challenges, and the two have been lucky to secure several small venues who stock a small amount of their eco ranges on a permanent basis. These include Turnips Cafe in Binley and The Nest in Rugby.

I visited the pair at a Saturday afternoon pop-up in Warwick. The venue was rather impressive, The Court House on Jury street, which houses a museum and tourist information. On the day I visited, It was hosting a #LoveLocal event, hosting arts and craft stalls form local businesses.

These Ladies are hardcore, they had already run a pop-up in Rugby that morning, and were busy from the moment they opened! Their customers were eager, and excited to see them. Most had turned up with their containers ready to fill from one of the many jars that adorned the table. From pasta and dried fruit through to dishwasher powder and hand soap, the shop has plenty of well considered products. Many of the edible offerings are organic, Charlie and Marisa are still on the look out for new products which are ethical and local as possible.

One area I chatted to Marisa about, was Pasta. Currently they stock Italian organic pasta, but are currently In negotiations with a Nottingham based producer which would reduce the air miles, and would be better in view of the possible Brexit issues on the horizon. Also the company have a better packaging system which dues to use plastic, which is always a plus!

Both women are mums, and use their own products at home. When I chatted about my issues in finding an eco dishwasher product that works well for me, they suggested I tried a sample of the one they stock. For 40p I got a jar full, and look forward to seeing how it works. They were very honest that these products are dependant on what type of water you have, what is being cleaned, and the type of dishwasher you have.

I tried to get a diverse selection of products during my visit. I had been given a £10 voucher to spend, and I spent about £11.50 in total (but to be honest if I’d bought everything I wanted, then I would have spent much more!)

It was brilliant to see a few brands that I recognised. Tea was from Queen of Camillias and coffee beans were from Monsoon Estates both who I met at the FarGo Village Coffee Festival last year.

I won’t go into detail about my purchases in this post, as I want to properly road test them, but I will review each and post links at the bottom!

Zero supply Backhaus with Fill handsoap


We also discussed eco-transportation and future ranges that the ladies would like to stock. What would you like to see them carry?

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