Monstera x flamingo

I have been posting some pretty heavy stuff recently, so thought I would do a fun post today, about a trend I love!

Even for someone like me who doesn’t follow “fashion” , fashion of course influences what is in shops. I have never been one for coordination, and prefer an eclectic style over matching or overly styled outfits.but this trend has been building over the last few summers and I am totally in love.

Flamingo statement necklace from CherryLoco

I have not been a floral fan, ever, but I adore plants (even if I haven’t got green fingers.) I grew up in a house full of plants, and a large garden. My Dad and brother have really bad hay fever, so I grew up around leafy plants rather then flower. Since becoming an adult, I have tried the whole grow-your-own thing, but haven’t got the patience for it! So seeing prints of botanicals, and plants such as Monstera (commonly known as Cheese plants) has me hooked! They seem less fussy then floral prints, and are bold!

Dress from Lady Vintage.

Earrings from Coventry Based Sassy x Spandex

I have slowly started edging towards colours that I disliked when I was young, and this is a classic example. I have always leaned towards blues and purples, so this trend being Greens and pinks seems more daring to me. I think they are colours that haven’t been used much together in fashion, and actually work rather well!

Hair band from Miss Cherry Makewell

Flamingos along with Llamas, cactus and general South American stylings have been on the increase over the past few years on the kitch side of the market. This makes me happy because it reminds me of the family I have In Chile. They are all jolly images, and they add an element of the exotic to outfits, which work so well in the warmer months.

Fakelite bangles from BowCrossBones

Despite the tropical look, I have only featured brands based in the UK, as we must support small local businesses! #buylocal #madeintheuk #designedintheuk

Flamingo pin by ElleLetters

Of course I wouldn’t wear all of this stuff together, but each one would compliment other outfits. And could elevate a simple outfit into something special! These are the type of things that really make me happy! I really wish I could afford to splurge on all of them! (Any companies fancy sending me any freebies? I’d be forever great and happily promote and review!!)

Irregular choice shoes

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh we love this! Great styling!!

    1. Thank you, your bangles are awesome!

  2. Aww I love this post so much! 😀 Flamingo trends work summer after summer and your fashion is so playful and happy that this trend suits you so much.

    I loved your flamingo dress on Friday, it looks gorgeous on you! 😀

    1. Coventry Life says:

      I am going to have to save up for all the other bits!

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