Wear your heart on your lapel

With Brexit fast approaching, many of us want article 50 to be revoked and for us to remain in the European Union.

I have found myself writing more politically, and chatting to more people about my political views. It’s lovely to see jewellery makers along with illustrator, writers, thespians and other artist that I love standing up to be counted.

Although it is a small gesture, it is important to be heard. The only way to change these things is by trying! Remember Democracy isn’t democracy if we can’t change the our minds once more facts and figures are released! We must not give up, we must fight to the bitter end!!

Just Dandy EU heart

Already the exit date has been pushed back so that a deal can be struck, as leaving Europe without a deal in place would be a disaster that even the government and the PM are aware could be a disaster (erm maybe they should have been working harder on this earlier?)

Gov advice on EU Exit

With more then 5 million of us signing a petition at the end of last week to make the government discuss a second referendum, there is still hope. But propergander has been flying around about bots being the majority of the signed, this is highly unlikely!

Vote Leave won 51.9% of votes in the EU referendum, with a standard deviation of 10.4% across UK local authority areas. A total of 46.5 million voters were registered, and 72.2% of these turned out. Thus, 17.4 million voted for Leave and 16.1 million for Remain

Tatty x Me & EU

More then a million people marched on parliament at the weekend, including some of my friends. This fight is not over, and we all need to do everything we can to be heard on this subject! I would love to hear your opinion on this subject from whichever side you are on!

Link to the Revoke article 50 petition.

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