The reality of blogging

I admit it, I don’t cope well with stress. I currently cannot work because I can’t cope with stress. In fact I have Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) which means that stress takes me back to traumatic events in my past and leaves me a crying jibbering mess.

I can come across as a confident, friendly, competent adult at times, and I sometimes forget myself that I can fall apart at a moments notice.

I blog because it gives me purpose, it makes me feel like I’m doing something. I love supporting local businesses and experiencing things that I couldn’t otherwise. I like pushing myself outside my comfort zone, and doing new things. But I have found in the last couple of weeks I have had some experiences that have left me wondering if I should be a blogger.

Now previously I have voiced strong opinions, and at other times I have not written reviews because I didn’t want to endorse a product or place. I had decided to be discriptive instead of negative at times, but sometime I think that a rant about a place or product is ok. If it is constructive.

A big restaurant has recently opened and invited a blogging group I’m involved in to attend the vip opening and a meal. Although the party was really good, the meal as disappointing. As a group, the restaurant manager asked for a do-over, which I wasn’t able to attend. Bad service and a waitress having a bad day lead to emails, phone calls and a threat to one on the bloggers on their own social media occurred. This has let me, and others in the group in shock.

It has made me think about myself, and how vulnerable it can be to be a blogger. It also made me think about the fine-line we all walk. Is it right that because I am a blogger I should be positive about a business just because they have given me a free product, activity or meal? Is a blogger more honest if they pay for things themselves? Personally, I don’t think that any blogger should be dishonest with their readers. I feel that if they like a place/product and want to gloss over faults that its ok. But if they get a bad experience, then a blogger should share that with their audience, and should not get abuse for doing so. It is possible to disagree and have a healthy debate, but it isn’t cool to get nasty and personal.

Being part of a blogging group is really interesting. There is no such thing as an average blogger. Everyone writes on different subjects, everyone has different experiences, and enjoy different things. For example, the Teezers excursion of this week. The three others who came, enjoyed how quiet it was, had great cocktails and really loved the decor. Does this mean I was wrong to write a review where I critiqued it? No, I don’t think so, as I try to be constructive. I try and see who might be the target audience, and will never just say “it’s bad.”

What do you think, is the turmoil of blogging worth the stress? Is a free meal, ever really free? Or are we simply being paid to be an advert for a business and should tell the story the business wants us to, and put aside our own view?

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  1. Blogging is totally worth it, 100%. It shows that the world is not full of rainbows and unicorns and life does actually get, well, shit. I love honest bloggers and it’s amazing how people can go to the same thing and experience it in many different ways. You do you, boo! I’m so sorry to hear that your experience wasn’t a great one and I can’t believe about that restaurant… It’s crazy how bloggers can be treated like dirt sometimes!

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