Esquires Coffee Coventry: New Christmas Menu

All the shops and restaurants have been shouting about their Christmas fare since 1st November, if not before. Halloween has been the only thing that has held it back that long. The coffee shops have their decorations garishly shouting new “limited edition” flavours of rich, sugary flavours. They also speak of the festive pastries and bakery items.

In contact walking into Esquires, which is part of the Transport Museum, is currently a sanctuary away from the garish decorations.

Now I’m no Scrooge. I am Christmas baby, I love the lights, and the parties and the food, and am very fond of the gingerbread lattes that a certain big chain coffee shop offers. But it is still November, and still 6 weeks until Xmas. I am still wearing my Halloween stuff, and enjoying the autumn leaves. It isn’t winter yet!!

So I am happy that I have been able to escape the lights of town and enjoy the chilled music and atmosphere of this cafe while the rain falls outside and commuters head home.

I was very lucky to be one of only six CoventryBloggers invited to sample the new festive menu at Esquires.

Emma, me, Gem and Isobel (part of Cov Bloggers)

Esquires describe themselves as a Global Coffee Chain with Community Spirit. “the UK’s fastest growing ethical coffee franchise.” With 52 locations across the UK and Ireland it isn’t the small independent business it makes out to be.

Staff at Esquires crafting our coffee

We were taken care of by Thom Atkins, Barista and Social media-ite. He talked us through the new drinks, and made up our choice to they. The new menu Christmas drinks are: Snowball Hot chocolate, Golden Flat white and Gingerbread latte.

I tried the Golden Flat white, as it’s a drink that I am a fan of (plus added sparkle always helps). It wasn’t a strong coffee, and it was more like a short latte. But the milk was well managed, and the milk art was sharp. It was good, but nothing special.

The Snowball hot chocolate, is a white chocolate base, enhanced with almond and s’mores syrups, coconut milk and tops with cream. I had a small taste of this, but it was so sweet, I’m sure my 5year old would love it!

Isobel Celine with her Snowball

The Gingerbread latte was the final drink that was on offer, and was much more subtle then other coffee house offerings. It was not as sweet or spicy, and without the cream, it was actually rather nice! More about flavour then sweetness, which was a nice change!

The only savoury offering is the Winter Slice. The pastry encapsulates turkey, bacon and sausage, and looked very tasty. Gemma of Just Gem Blog tried it, and thought it was nice, with a good amount of filling.

The sweet offering were: Mince pies (both normal and Gluten-free), Lanier biscuits, gingerbread men , gingerbread muffin and Chocolate orange.

I tried the Mocha Muffin and the Gluten-free Sticky Toffee Cheesecake.

The Cheese cake was delicious and creamy. The flavour was really good, and the texture was just right. The Muffin was light and fluffy, with the butter cream nestled through the centre, was much sweeter, and lacked the intensity of flavour I was hoping for, but was still tasty and satisfying.

Over all it was a vast amount of offerings, with something to please everybody. I think given the venue, within the Transport Museum this is really important. Father Christmas coming in 24th November – 23rd December, and Esquires will be packed with parent, grandparents and kids eager for sugar and caffeine. I think they will all be thrilled with what Esquires Coffee have to offer.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Isobel says:

    Such a nice chilled evening with lovely Christmas treats! The hot chocolate was definitely lovely! And that cheesecake was honestly the best cheesecake I’ve had!!

    Isobel x

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    New video: ‭

  2. Ooh that gingerbread latte sounds right up my street! I’ll have to pop in one day to try it out!

  3. Ooo everything sounds so yummy! 😀 I’m not sure if the white hot chocolate might be too sickly for me but that s’mores syrup sounds AMAZING! 😀

    Can’t wait to try the drinks out. 😀

  4. It was such a good night, I really want another mince pie xx

  5. Gem Turley says:

    It was such a good night, I’m addicted to the Snowball… My favourite new drink!

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