Halloween at Kenilworth Castle

Fright Night

I went to Kenilworth castle during the heatwave at the beginning of the summer. I went with a friend and her little boy, and enjoyed roaming the ruins and eating delicious food in the cafe. English Heritage have done a wonderful job at bringing a quality experience to this Castle. When I heard they had Halloween events, I knew that I had to go!

During the day they are offering various activities for half term. This includes a daily costume competition, how to battle monsters and paranormal quests. LITTLE HORRORS HIDE AND SHRIEK runs from Sat 27 Oct – Sun 4 Nov between 11am-4pm perfect to keep the little ones occupied.

From 6pm onwards Fright Night begins. For the first hour and a half it is aimed around the kids. It’s still partly light, and the performers aim their stories at the little ones. There is fairy stories told in new and darker ways, as well as a few ghost stories thrown in for good measure. The lighting added to the Eerie atmosphere, and the actors were really good at pitching at the right level.


After watching the five stories, the hour and a half flew by. The Bell rings, signifying the Fright night kicking up a gear. But before we went back to revisit the stories, we decided to warm up in the cafe.

I enjoyed a wonderful chocolate covered marshmallow, and a few samples of gin with the wonderful and knowledgeable chap at the pop-up gift shop. (I highly recommend the Chase Sloe and Malberry Gin).

As I have said oerviously, the cafe serves wonderful food, and was beautifully decorated, and the had even put in a Black sparkly “Halloween tree”!

The atmosphere in Kenilworth Castle definitely intensified with the descended darkness. There were loads of people in the grounds at this point, and groups of teens seemed to be in high spirits.

It was interesting to see that the stories didn’t change in the second part of the night. The high spirits of the crowd, a few extra fairy lights, jump-scares and the darkness really added all that was needed to change the mood from a family friendly event to a more intense and scary Fright Night.

I don’t want to spoil the stories or the scares by telling you much about them, but I will recommend giving yourself plenty of time to wander, do the stories and enjoy the atmosphere. It was a wonderful experience, and exactly the event I wanted to do this Halloween!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Gem Turley says:

    All your posts of our local castles is making me wanna plan a weekend of just castle visiting… Haven’t done it in years!

    I love all the great events we have going on atm


  2. Lizzie Bee says:

    Oh my gosh this sounds amazing!!! I love how adding a few jump scares to the same stories could still make an incredible impact for the older audience. I really want to go there next year!

  3. Oh this looks like so much fun, you make me want to go to castles but maybe not on halloween. I’m a wimp! haha

    1. They are wonderful castles, very different. But yes, Halloween isn’t great if you are of a weak disposition!

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