Halloween at Warwick Castle

The Haunted Castle

Yesterday I went to Warwick castle for the first time. I am a big fan of Halloween, and history, so thought it was a great place to combine the two!

Warwick Castle is a place with over 1100 years of history. it is a place of theatre, wonder and jaw dropping history. There are birds of prey, actors in costumes, a maze, turrets and towers, and suits of armer. All this should lead to a wonderful and spooky Halloween experience.

Halloween Special events;

On offer as part of the ticket price, was “The Haunted Hollows”, a trail through fabric, with plastic skeletons and Gargoyles. The Ghouls in costume were great, and The kids were thrilled with the displays. The use of lights and fog machines added to the atmosphere, but I felt that the bright sunshine did too much to distort the atmosphere. I was definitely not the target audience, and my five year old would have loved it!

I did love the hidden puns, and the graves at the end had some awesome names.

In the centre of the Castle, in the courtyard, is the “Dead Centre Stage“, which is where shows are put on several times a day. these include “Wizard in training.” The shows were fun, and interactive, and certainly a crowd pleaser!



We had a wonder towards the nights village, and enjoyed the beautiful grounds of the castle. The autumn colours were stunning. And we tripped across the tea house and peacock garden. This was a wonderful oasis. There was a topiary garden, a stone fountain, peacocks wondering around and tables outside the tea house beckoned to up. We ordered inside, and then grabbed a table, and enjoyed our Cream Tea (£6 each) in the sunshine, over looking the garden. The babble Of happy people, the patter of the fountain, and the occasional peacock call was wonderful. I would highly recommend the setting, and felt it was a highlight of the day!

But the food stands and cafe looked more like the standard festival/ attraction food/ price categories.

Standard events that added to the experience

There was also a birds of prey flying show, and we enjoyed both that, and finding where they were kept, and watching two of the eagles have baths in the sunshine. The person who was looking after the birds was obviously very passionate about the birds, and they were very well cared for.

If you fancy a romantic Date…

The afternoon tea in the tea house, and the taurets trail are a fab combo for a romanitic date! Or maybe if money is no issue, you can even book one of the in castle suites to treat that special person!

If you are heading for a Family day...The historic tours that take place regularly look fantastic, and the witch’s tower show sounded fun (although I wasn’t allowed in without a child, so I didn’t get to see it) and generally the birds are all fantastic for the kids. The “haunted hollows” is fab for under 10s. The actors around will make it for the little ones!


I actually might be getting old, as I really enjoyed wondering the grounds, seeing the birds, and eating scones!

If I went back I’d want to…

Queue up and see some one the special events. Some would cost more, some are timed tickets, some are simply waiting for the space. I am not sure I agree that they charge so much for entry tickets, then charge again for things inside the grounds, but without trying them I can’t really comment to the fact that the might or might not be worth the extra cash! (Note; most additional charges can be paid online when purchasing tickets, and will save you money in advance)

If you want to do something Halloween based, I’d recommend going in the evening, unless you have young kids! The Haunted castle is on until the 4th November!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Aww I LOVE Warwick Castle! The last time I went was quite some time ago for my boyfriends birthday. Going during Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas sound like such a lovely idea! I did not know there was a Costa in Warwick Castle! xD


    1. All the outlets there seem to serve Costa coffee. Even the one in the stables, which is before you go in, so you can go without paying the entrance fee

  2. This looked like so much fun! I really want to go to Warwick castle soon.

  3. Gem Turley says:

    This looked like so much fun, it’s been years since I’ve been Warwick Castle definitely gonna have to go back soon for a visit!


  4. Lizzie Bee says:

    I love Warwick castle, and went there a couple of years ago for their Halloween event and it was amazing! I’m so glad that you had a good time and that the weather was nice!

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