Albany Theatre

The Albany theatre is a revamped proscenium arch theatre just outside the centre of Coventry.

The building that is the Albany Theatre, built as a lecture theatre, called the Great Hall, sat at the heart of Coventry Technical College, which opened in 1935.

Coventry was a world centre for engineering in the late 19th century. As technology became more complex, the construction of machine tools became more specialised and the need for a better-trained workforce grew.

In 1997, the space was being threatened as the college planned to turn the space into a computer lab, the theatre manager, Keith Wood fought hard to retain the theatre status for the space. The arts council granted a lottery grant for “Refurbishment of Community Theatre”. Because of this, the council awarded a clause in the contract of sale of the site, that the space had to remain a theatre. Despite the sale in 2008, it took till 2012 for anything happen to the space.

Finally a new paid Theatre manager was employed in 2015, but was later replaced by a team operating under an executive directors. Now the theatre is secure within the building for the next 25years! For more about the the history of the space and building, please visit the Theatre’s website.

Offering a wide selection of types of arts, theatre and music, it is a great space to visit. Check out the schedule of events on their website.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Lizzie Bee says:

    Oooh I’d love go to the theatre one day, especially around Christmas time! I don’t know why but I think the theatre is perfect for that time of year

  2. Gem Turley says:

    I love the Albany theatre, I remember when it was the college and they put on plays done by the students that was always fun xx

  3. I actually feel embarrassed that I’ve never heard of this theatre unless is the one in the town centre that was once a cinema? I’m not sure if I’m thinking of the right place but it looks beautiful xx

    1. It’s next to the Butts Rugby ground. Just below Earlsdon. It’s not far from Ikea. Look it up, it’s brilliant

  4. I really need to go to the Albany theatre I’ve never been there and it looks so good!

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