Alternate date venues: Ghetto Golf

As a recently single woman, I have been looking for new and interesting date venues in and around Coventry. And with Birmingham so close, I am included to include some of the fabulous places hidden in and around England’s second city.

When I first moved to Coventry, I was working at Moor Street Station as a Barista, and Digbeth soon caught my attention for its street art and craft beer leanings, and finding The Custard Factory sealed my love of the area.

Just through the Custard factory, Ghetto Golf is located, and it is easy to find. You simply need to head straight through the square, past the fountain under the railway arches. The courtyard is decorated with monochrome patterns which are loud and hard to miss, they are reminiscent of Keith Haring. Inside is a small entrance which includes a £1 per item cloak room and the reception where you get a buzzer that tells you when you can go to the first hole. Inside the venue it is a mass of interesting things to look at! There is signs, a bar, a bus, and plenty of seating. It doesn’t look a massive spaces but it home to 18 holes of crazy golf, and is a very clever use of space.Foodwise, GhettoGolf has teamed up with local street food vender, Apocalypse Cow. We choose to share a potion of topped fries. These may have been the most delicious chips I have ever had in my life! Apocalypse Cow served us “Ornimental Kamikaze fries” which are described simply as “ Korean pork, chilli, onion, peppers, cha sui sauce and spring onions” (veggie option available). They seem expensive at £6.50, but I promise you that they are more then worth it!!!! We agreed that the Cha Sui sauce was the best, and the Korean pork simply melted in the mouth. Surprisingly it wasn’t very spicy, but I’m sure if you are scared of chilliest, you could ask for them to be left off.

Cocktails at the bar were strong and the variety was good, but the “safe” plastic cups, and slow service left me feeling that they were a bit over priced at £6.50+ per cocktail. Shame.There are some simple rules to keep everyone safe, and the flow of the course moving. We went on a day when it was fully booked, and it did make us feel that it was all a bit rushed. There was always a queue of people on each hole, even with staggered entry and max 6 shots per hole.I think I’d want to go back when it was quieter, maybe during the day in the week. But the price of the round is the same whatever time of day you go.It is definitely fun, no need to be competitive, and definitely improved by a few drinks! There is waitress service during the golf, and I wish we’d taken advantage of this rather then brave the bar! The waiting staff seemed to take the stress and wait out of the equation, and you could even pay with card with the wireless card machines while on the course!The decor was fantastic, and I was thrilled by the variation of types around the course. Some complimented the venue, while other bit were complimenting the theme of the hole. I don’t want to ruin the theming of the holes, because that is part of the fun of the venue, but I will say that some have been well conceived, and are very fun. While I did feel that others have just been shoved in haphazardly. I would say that it is not a venue for the easily shocked, or for the nervous. Because of this I would not recommend it as a first date venue, and only go too it with someone you are sure wouldn’t be upset by these things!

It is an over 18s venue, and there are a few “crude additions” as well as a few shocks and surprises. The music isn’t too loud or offensive, is easy to talk and enjoy the atmosphere. The lighting is appropriate to see the task at hand, so even my date who was worried about his vision, had no issues (to the point he did beat me!).

It is very rough and ready, nothing matches, the colours are loud, the decor glows. It is a little bit ghetto, but with no chance of being being stabbed or offered drugs! It is an interesting venue, but it maybe a little expensive for an all inclusive day out.

For example: entry – £10

Cocktail – £6.50

Burger – £7.95

Plain Fries – £3.50

Which is £27.95 per person (and if you are paying for two people or want more then one drink, that is a bit steep!)

But it will be an original and interesting date, that will not be easily forgotten!

Ghetto golf website

Where is your favourite date venue? or is there somewhere that you have ear-marked as somewhere you’d think would be fun and different place to go?

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  1. This looks so fun! I love golf and deffo want to try this, the only thing putting me off would be the IT, I am terrified of clowns! Looks like you had a wonderful time babe ❤

  2. Wow I didn’t know this even existed! We went to one similar in Spain a few years ago. The chips are right up my street they look lush!

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