(Coventry) Art is sacred

At the end of May there was live art event called “Urban Culture” created at Fargo Village, and on boards by Cathedral Lanes development on Broadgate in Central Coventry. This are is stunning, fun and shows off the talent of street artists such as Jim Vision and Michael Batchelor.

This wasn’t only a demonstration of live art, but brightened up spaces within our city. Fargo has been a cultural and creative hub since it opened, and it’s exciting to see the style is spreading into the rest of the city.

Birmingham has long been a Mecca for street art enthusiasts, and has many incredible artists, and I am so excited see this is finally migrating to our wonderful city .

There are even some permanent artist such as PopBangColour and Alison Johnson based at Fargo Village.

Courtesy of the Fargo Website

I really hope that the artistic community continues to grow and strengthen in the run up to City of Culture 2021.

But it concerns me that given all this, a nationals chain has come into the city centre and covered up some of the art work with their signs, and that the council have not stepped in.

Personally I find this disgusting and disrespectful. For artists to spend their time creating such amazing art work, and this is how it is treated is simply not fair. I have been posting about this issue and tagging people on Instagram to try and get something done, but as yet it hasn’t helped! If you can repost, retweet, regram about this issue, please do!!

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