Coventry Cathedral Dining club

I am headed to the Digbeth Dining Club on Sunday 13th May at Coventry Cathedral. I went two years ago, so was excited to see how much it has grown and changed in that time!

I ran from 11am till 6pm in the ruins of the cathedral.

Venders attended were a wonderful and eclectic bunch;

The English Indian

The Paneer Wrap Street Food Company


Street Kitchen Brothers

Handmade pizza co

Street chef

The Bourneville Waffle company

Leave it to Esmie

Dick’s Smokehouse

Platinum Pancakes

The Flying Cows

As usual my problem was deciding what not to eat!

First up was Dick’s Smokehouse. They kindly gave me a selection of their amazing freshly made food, which included succulent cherrywood smoked pulled pork with spiced apple relish, awesomely mouthwatering dillpickles to accompany their shredded beef, and my favourite; baby back ribs smothered in honey bourbon bbq sauce!

Pitmaster Richard Wainman talked about his passion for quality ingredients, #sustainable smoking materials, and the art of low n’ slow smoking for a truly authentic and tasty barbecue flavour!

There were plenty of choice for the Vegans and vegetarians Digbeth Dining Club in the cathedral yesterday! Halloumi fries, paneer wraps, Chinese bao steamed buns, and falafel kebabs, as a carnivore, it was a tempting selection!

The Coventry Cathedral Digbeth Dining club was a wonderful event, I just wish I could have tried more food! I really wish all the stalls did taster plates as most dishes were a meal size portion for about £8. I asked the venders to give me a bit of everything, and that was wonderful. But if all the venders offered 1/2 portions for £4, I recon more people would try multiple stalls! The quality of the food was fantastic, and obviously made with love and attention. If you get chance make sure you visit a Digbeth Dining Club event in the future! You won’t regret it!

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