Utilise Facebook for your business 

Your Business page;

Set up your blue button; this should be “shop now” linking directly to you website. This makes it easy for people to get there without having to remember your demain name. Thos is usually set up by default as “message me”, just if you (as administrator) click it, it gives you the option to change the function.

Pictures; Make sure you have all pictures filled, this makes it look finished and professional. And make sure EVERY post has a picture. This makes them much more interesting. And people are more likely to stop and read it!
Post regularly; include personal pictures as well as professional. This means people get to know you. Remember, people are more likely to buy from a real person then a faceless website.

Use your pinned post; I use my pinned post on my business page to hold other links. This includes a link to the application video, the removal video on my website. It’s another way to get people there!

Create your events; by creating them on the public wall instead of a private forum means it is easy to share wherever you need to.

Your Forum;

Post posts; once you have posted on your business wall, make sure you share it on your forum. People are more likely to see it there, and it might encourage them to to visit your page.

Pinned post; use it as an introduction, and a place to link to your website.
Games; plenty of games, questions and pictures to keep people visiting your forum. There are plenty of ready made games available or make your own!

Be yourself; share your life with these people. They maybe people you already know, or friends of friends who will want to know who you are and why they should buy into this! If you use your to link to the products then they become much more personal and people will understand more;

For example;
“Just finished the washing up, going to pop some cuticle oil on to make sure my nails continoue to look stunning!”

(You show off how durable your product is, how easy they are to look after, and get to flash your pretty nails while you do it!)

Your Personal profile;

Do a post that is interesting; link it to things you do.

Only post about your business occasionally; no more then once a week, other people may get annoyed and “unfollow” you.

Don’t bombard your friends; if they are Interested, add them to your forum. The sooner you can move out of your direct friendship and family group, the easier you will find it to recruit and sell.

Remember that social media has to be combined with in-person interactions to be truly successful. Jamberry suggested a 70/30 split between online/in person for the business to work to its best ability.
(Everything in this blog are from my personal experience, and I can not garentee your success!)

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