Top 5 social media and imaging tools for the iPhone;

(Published June 2016)

Recently my job has taken a little side step. From being a babywearing consultant to doing most of my work online. This has meant of my work has been explaining how things are done through pictures and videos. This has meant getting creative, as I don’t always want to just share other people’s images. This has moved me to spend more and more time doing social media promotion. I really enjoy the creativity of taking photos, as well as using other people’s to create post that is interesting and catches people’s attention, and I love that I can do it wherever I am in my iphone.

I have been complimented on this, and thought I would share some of my tools with you. 

1. Enlight


My favourite photo editing tool. This gives you the power to edit, filter, add, subtract, and generally get creative with photos. There are some fab photo editing tutorials in app to help you create the perfect effect.

2. Ripl 

(Free (or £7.99 a month for the pro version)

This is a 4 picture slide show which lets you add music, captions and funky backgrounds so that your post is more eye catching.

The free version has a “ripl” logo stamped in the corner. And is limited to a few templates. You have to share direct to social media, there is no way to save the video direct to your phone.

The pro version gives you lots and lots of templates, you can save direct to your phone, or you can use the handy scheduling tool (which gives you a reminder that it’s time to post). The pro version also lets you choose to use your own logo, or simple not have a logo on your video.

3. Splice 


This app by GoPro is great at putting clips, videos and photos together. It does a selection of transitions, and you can create a lively sequence for your post.


3. Videorama

(Free with in app purchases)

This is a more complex video editing app that lets you edit videos, and Add text how ever you want. I usually use Splice to create a sequence, then add text to it via Videorama. 

Again if you want to have videos without the logo it is worth paying for it.



This is new to me, and I found this through my Jamberry reading. This app allows you to create fashion boards, so is perfect for Jamberry character games, and Jamberry pictorgrams. This allows you to browse fashion and include your own images (such as Jamberry nails) to create a clean fresh image.

If you want to see any more of my work. Check out;


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I am always on the App Store looking for new apps, new effects and new formats to keep my feed fresh. What do you like using? Please comment below with your recommendations;

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